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The Draft Tuesday segment that has been featured on The Everett Lee Show which started in June of 2016. The ideal was created to share the love of draft beer with people or groups for the same passion of tasting a nice cold brew during the week or for the weekend warrior in us all. Since then The Everett Lee Show has 8 episodes that feature Draft Tuesday,48 bottles of beer has been featured with a consumption of 96oz that has been drank.

Draft Tuesday has featured guest that have joined the likes of Everett Lee and Chris Carnage as well as former co-host McShaft who started out during the early day's of the segment. Guest have shown interest in what the concept is and have loved watching two guys drink and talk about each brew that is consumed. The Everett Lee Show brings to the masses of beer lovers a feature brew that you would not know or overlooked that was on the shelves at your local stores or your local bar or pub. This also gives people a choice if they would consider stepping outside their comfort zone and try something new.

The first "Live On Location," of Draft Tuesday took place on March 28th at City Limits in Deland Florida. City Limits was kind and awesome on seeing what Everett Lee and Chris Carnage is trying to do with Draft Tuesday and to be the first place to host this milestone event. Quit the crowd showed up to see Everett Lee and Chris Carnage live, talking about a variety of topics. A couple of Top 5 List was introduced as well as talk on Wrestling and Sports. Chris happen to pick a person out of the crowd to talk sports with during his sports segment as the fan was honored by getting to talk about Free Agents with Mr. Carnage.

As the podcast went on it was time for Draft Tuesday that featured brews that you can get when you stop by City Limits. The list included,

1.Due South Brewing's Caramel Cream Ale

2.Funky Buddha's Hop Gun IPA

3.Florida Brewing Company Florida Lager

4.Swamphead Brewing Midnight Oil

5.Bugnutty Brewing Foxy Brown

6.Islamorada Beer Company Sandbar Sunday American Wheat Ale

After Everett and Carnage sampled each brew,only one stood out for the Draft Tuesday's pick of the month. Due South Brewing's Caramel Cream Ale was chosen as the winner for Draft Tuesday's Everett Lee Show pick of the month that has the taste that left the two wanting more and more is what they had.

The Everett Lee Show and Chris Carnage would like to thank City Limits for letting The Everett Lee Show host it's first live on location of Draft Tuesday. This will not be the only time the duo will be back for another live on location.

Follow The Everett Lee Show and Chris Carnage at the links provided for when Draft Tuesday goes live on location and for when you can watch and hear the podcast.

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