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After the death of Paul Walker during the filming of the 7th installment (Furious 7) you would think the Furious franchise would end there. Would we see an 8th film or would we get three more out of the series that has been going furious since 2001? With the 8th installment the series looks like it is not slowing down.

The Fate of the Furious is the 8th installment of the franchise stars Vin Diesel,Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson,Jason Statham,Michelle Rodriguez,Tyrese Gibson,Ludacris,Charlize Theron,Kurt Russell and Scott Eastwood.

The 8th film start off with Dom (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) enjoying a get away in Cuba. While in Cuba, Dom is approached by a mysterious women named Cipher (Charlize Theron). Cipher wants Dom to work for her. Dom being Dom, refuses but with some persuasion from Cipher Dom has no choice. Dom goes against his code of family turns his back on his family and works for Cipher.

While on a mission with the rest the team (family), Dom turns his back on the team and takes off to meet Cipher. Hobbs ( Dwayne Johnson) gets caught and is put behind bars in a cell across Deckard (Jason Statham). Hobbs and Dekard has some verbal exchanges before getting busted out by Mr. Nobody(Kurt Russell and Little Nobody(Scott Eastwood). Mr.Nobody gets Dom's team together with Hobbs leading the charge to bring Dom to justice.

One thing you can say about the Fast franchise over the last few films is that the team is a family with Dom leading them. Dom is the center piece of the team that keeps everyone together. The rest follow and bring what they know and what they can do for the team. Everyone shines in this film with everyone having their moments.

You have Roman(Tyrese Gibson) and Tej(Ludacris) going at it for the attention of Ramsey(Nathalie Emmanuel). Ramsey was the one that was rescued in the last film and has joined the group. Then you have Hobbs and Deckard exchanging words back and fourth during the prison scene which I thought was funny. In the trailer they didn't show all of the verbal exchanges as both played off from each other with some comic relief. Little Nobody(Scott Eastwood) gets poked at for being a rookie by Hobbs,Roman which brings some funny moments during the film.

Cipher(Charlize Theron) was a manipulative villain that gets what she wants from the person she has doing her dirty work with some leverage. I really thought going into this I would know what leverage she would have on Dom to get him to do the things for her against his will. I was wrong with the leverage she has that was a major twist that I didn't see coming as the rest of everyone walking into this film. Cipher's actions later on in the film made me really hope that she gets it before the film's end.

The action in Fate is nothing short that you would expect when you watch the later installments of the franchise. The action takes place in various locations with racing in Cuba to hacker cars being controlled in New York with demolition of cars in Berlin to destructive gun fire and rockets blasting in Russia. Only one would ask where else will the action take place before this movie ends?

With the plot twist mention early, it is not the only surprise you see as the story behind this one connects the 6th and 7th films and with that, you want more even after this film ends.

If you have or are a fan of the franchise then you will not be disappointed walking out of this film. Just a reminder that you don't have to sit and wait for a end credit scene because there isn't one. There will be a 9th and 10th film with the 9th film slated for 2019. After this film it is uncertain what direction Universal will go with the next two films to wrap up the franchise.

Fate of the Furious 7/10 score

PROS- Interaction of the cast playing off of each other for some comic relief. The action sequence and the plot twist that you didn't see coming with surprises. A couple of mentions of Brian O'Connor and Mia.

CONS- Some scenes just dragged a little with one scene with Hobbs that could have been in a Disney movie and not in a Fast & Furious movie.It just killed me a little that took away some of the bad ass Hobbs that I enjoyed in the franchise.

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