Monday, April 20, 2015


Tuesday's Podcast here at Everett's Hangout will have none other then "The Horror Nerd," Todd Staruch.

I have for awhile now wanting to do a Podcast on "Cult Films." I didn't know how I was going to pull this off with just me on this topic at hand. I needed to have a movie buff just as myself to do this with me. I could not think of anyone else that could tackle the task at hand on this subject. The first name that came to mind was Todd Staruch. I watch him on "The Indie Lounge TV" and thought this is the man for the task to help me and give his opionion's on what makes a film considered a "Cult Film."

I got in contact with Todd and we set up a date and time and the rest is history as I let the "Tape Roll," with our takes and views on the subject.I had a great time and you will too when you hear this on Tuesday's Podcast here at Everett's Hangout.

Todd Staruch reviews movies which you can see on "The Indie Lounge TV" with host Mandy Del Rio. Todd has a unique way of reviewing and talking about the movies he reviews on "The Indie Lounge TV." Todd loves "Horror" Films and other films as well. You can find out more on Todd at his website,

Horror Nerd Website

Be sure also to check Todd Staruch out here as well,

The Indie Lounge TV

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