Thursday, May 14, 2015


So , there isn't much that has changed. I have changed the menu some on the side and added some new pages to the navigation side panel. The blog spot page now will be for news and post from here on out. If you want more info and items I suggest you head over to for the latest Podcast post. I will be posting my latest Podcast episodes on the Podcast section on the website here on out.

When I post a new Podcast it will be put up on the my Official Website when a new one comes out. I have links on this blog and on the podcast section of the website that will send you to where I upload my podcast. If you miss a podcast you can follow the links provided on here or on the site to hear a podcast cast you happen to miss.

When I post news or a post it will be on here and will be link over to the website. I will be making it so that, you can link over to hear to read the latest blog post I post on what I love doing and that is talking about Wrestling,Movies,TV,Video Games and Music.

I hope you all enjoy what I'm trying to do and don't forget to support my blog here and my website for the latest on Entertainment from Everett's Hangout.

Have a Awesome Day and love to hear from you,

Denver Everett

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  1. Hahaha just noticed the cat. He's probably thinking " Man that dude is bad ass" lol