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NXT 1/11/17 REVIEW

NXT opens up with footage of Asuka arriving to the arena. Asuka is met by Billy Kay and Peyton Royce. Some verbal exchanges are made between the three that lead into Kay and Royce beating down the NXT Women’s champion.


Billy Kay and Peyton Royce vs Macy Evans and Sarah Bridges Evans revises a small pop before the bell as Evans and Kay start things off. Billy Kay controls most of the match until Evans makes a hot tag to Bridges. Bridges comes flying in with a double dropkick to Kay and Royce as the crowd cheer.

A couple of pin attempts made by Bridges as the crowd were really into this match. Royce distracts the ref as Kay rakes the eyes of Bridges. Royce comes in and knocks Evans off the apron with Royce grabbing Bridges with a running bull dog to Kay’s knee for the finish.

WINNERS Billy Kay and Peyton Royce

After the match Kay and Royce brag about how they took out Asuka as the crowd boos the duo in the ring. A lot of heat coming from the crowd as Kay and Royce mention that they “Are the Women’s Division,” and they make the division what it is.

Asuka makes her way down the ramp with a couple of officials trying to hold her back. Asuka is still trying to shake off the attack that she received earlier from Kay and Royce as she pushes her way to the ring and goes after Kay and Royce.

Kay and Royce are too much for the NXT Women’s Champ as they stomp her into the mat. Nikki Cross from Sanity rushes into the ring with a big pop from the crowd as Cross clears the ring of both Kay and Royce.

Asuka scrambles to her feet as Cross delivers a missile dropkick to the Women’s Champion that knocks her into the mat. Cross stands over Asuka as she informs Asuka that she is coming for her title. Cross exit the ring as we cut to a commercial break.

Back from the break we see replay footage from the attacks Asuka received from Billy Kay and Peyton Royce with Nikki Cross. During the break officials try and help Asuka to her feet as she goes crazy and knocks out a few of the officials.

Nikki Cross seen with Eric Young and Alexander Wolf backstage is stopped as Nikki is asked about what just happen. Nikki says she is going to take the NXT Women’s Title as Eric Young interrupts and says that Sanity takes what they when they want. As Sanity exits, we see Big Demo looking on from a distance.


Cruz builds some momentum as the crowd chants to Samson to “Drift Away,” with Samson tossing Cruz into the corner with Cruz landing upside down. Samson heads outside the ring and delivers a running boot to the head of Cruz as he rest on the bottom rope.

Samson delivers a big boot to Cruz’s face with a swinging neck breaker for the finish.

WINNER Elisa Samson


Lorcan gets a big reaction from the crowd after the bell rings. Cien pushes Lorcan around that leads Lorcan dropkicking Cien outside the ring. The action heads back into the ring as Lorcan gets Cien in the corner and delivers a couple of running Swiss uppercuts to Cien. The action heads back to the middle of the ring with the ref trying to put some distance between Cien and Lorcan as they brawl with each other.

Cien rushes Lorcan with a chop block to Lorcan’s knee. Cien delivers a Hammerlock DDT to Lorcan for the finish.

WINNER Andrade Cien Almas

After the match Cien is interviewed about what he plans to do in 2017. Cien starts speaking in Spanish as the crowd chant what. Cien gets angry and starts yelling in Spanish at the crowd as he is booed out of the ring.

Tom Phillips interviews NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamora about facing the number one contender Bobby Roode at Takeover San Antonio. Nakamora says Roode will not beat him at Takeover San Antonio and that Nakamora will leave San Antonio as champion. Tom hands Nakamora a ticket from Takeover Dallas that Phillips was given to by Roode. Nakamora looks at the ticket with confusion as the interview ends.



This is the rematch The Revival has to gain back the Tag Team Championships that The Revival lost at Takeover Toronto.

DIY clear the ring early on in the match as the crowd cheer on DIY. DIY and The Revival make blind tags as the action escalates with Wilder taking out Gargano with a knee. The Revival cut off the rings as tags are made back and forth with Gargano getting worked in the corner.

The Revival would take turns distracting the ref as the other would use dirty tactics on Gargano to get a win. The crowd would boo or cheer The Revival as they show they will do anything to get back the championships.

Gargano gets out of the corner and builds some momentum to get a small package roll up on Dawson with Wilder distracting the ref. Gargano gets tossed outside the ring as Gargano rushes to make a tag to Ciampa. Gargano gets tackled by Dawson before he can make a tag. Dawson works on Gargano’s leg with tags going back and forth as Wilder and Dawson work the leg of Gargano.

Gargano makes it back to his corner with a tag to Ciampa. Ciampa comes in and clears the ring of Wilder and Dawson with a running knee and three German suplex’s to Wilder. Wilder gets a super kick to the head from Ciampa as Ciampa puts Wilder into an arm bar. Dawson rushes in and breaks up the hold.

The Revival end up outside the ring as both members of DIY delivers suicide dives to The Revival with the crowd cheering on. The Revival gets tossed back into the middle of the ring as DIY deliver super kicks to The Revival with DIY covering both members of The Revival for the pin fall.

WINNERS and still NXT Tag Team Champions DIY

DIY celebrate their victory as Paul Elllering walks out to the stage. DIY look on at Ellering as The Authors of Pain attack DIY from behind. The Authors deliver a Super Collider to DIY with both members being power bomb into the mat. Paul Ellering claps as his Authors of Pain lay to waste Gargano and Ciampa of DIY. The Authors hold up the NXT Tag Belts making it very clear that they are coming for the Championship Belts.

William Regal watches on from his office the destruction of The Authors of Pain and is asked about what he just witness. Regal says that The Authors of Pain will get a shot a DIY and the NXT Tag Team Championships at Takeover San Antonio. Regal mentions next week we will see the contract signing of NXT Champion Shinsuke Nakamora and the number one contender Bobby Roode.

Asuka barges in Regals office demanding Regal to make a title match for her at Takeover San Antonio. Regal ask against whom? Asuka yells at Regal that she wants everyone referring to Billy Kay, Peyton Royce and Nikki Cross.

Very good episode all in all with seeing developmental talent in matches this week. The main event with DIY and The Revival was awesome with quite a bit of action from both tag teams. I give credit to The Revival for being a very good heel tag team doing whatever it takes to win. I can’t wait to see when or where The Revival will end up on the main roster for 2017.

Asuka being beaten down from Billy Kay and Peyton Royce is making it clear to Asuka that both Kay and Royce run the women’s division will be an interesting feud with Nikki Cross in the mix. After weeks of seeing the interaction from Nikki Cross and Asuka, Nikki’s intentions are now clear that she wants the NXT Women’s Championship. How will Asuka handle all three of these competitors gunning for her?

The contract signing next week with Shinsuke Nakamora will be interesting to see as Bobby Roode has started playing mind games with the champ. In the next few weeks the buildup for their NXT Title match should be good as both competitors

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