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With a handful of Playstation 3 games being ported over to the "Next Gen" consoles, video game makers have added little perks for each of their ports to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.Without any exception Capcom and Ninja Theory have done the same for DMC:Devil May Cry:Definitive Edition for the Playstation 4. How is this different from the "Last Gen" console? Well, after playing this game for almost a week now, I am happy with what has been done. I will break it down some with what I've experience with my hands on this game.


As soon as I put in the game and let it loaded up, I noticed the DLC at the beginning of the game. I had a choice to chose from "Vergil's Downfall," or "Devil May Cry" to play.I started with the main game and was impressed with how fast this game loads up. The cinematic intro of the game looks good at 1080p with 60fps. Just watching the beginning of this hyped me up to start slicing through demons.Soon as I took control of Dante, all bets were off.

I sliced and diced through Demons as I progressed through 20 levels of carnage. I upgraded skills for Dante,to pull off stylish combos with each weapon available to my desposal.Between each level, I had the option to change Dante's Skins or Weapon Skins. I mixed it up a bit here with Dante's look and weapon skins.

The game play is smooth with each attack executed to send Demon scum back to where they came from. Capcom and Ninja Theory have mixed it up with some of the hidden items throughout each level of madness. I had too search each level looking for "Lost Souls," "Keys" and "Secret Doors." All of these items for the most part are in their original location,but some are not where they were as before.I didn't mind the change with obtaining "Keys," which allowed me to open any "Secret Door" instead of having one key or two keys for each door.


The story of DMC:Devil May Cry with it's cinematic cut scenes offered one new scene with Virgil's modem for shooting Lilith in the stomach and ending her with a head shoot.This is shown before the scene where Kat,lays out the plan for Dante and Virgil's decent to Mundus's tower. I really enjoy watching the final battle with Dante and Mundus.

The cut scenes in all of their glory was fantastic as I finished Mundus off and was prepare for my battle with Virgil at the end of the game. It's been awhile since I played Devil May Cry and had to remember how to take Virgil down.It came back to me and I had no problem with finishing Virgil off.


As I mention before,DMC:Devil May Cry:Definitive Edition contains the DLC of Virgil's Downfall. I didn't mind playing this DLC when I had it for the Playstation 3. I went through this short DLC while I enjoyed the story with Virgil after his battle with Dante at the end of Devil May Cry . I took on the role as Virgil and made my way though purgatory fighting some familiar Demons with a few new Demons to slice through.

I love seeing this in 1080p with the 60fps cinematic cut scene made me really want to see what I will be able to unlock at the end of the game.Playing as Virgil took me a bit to get use to after playing as Dante. I did manage to upgrade Virgil's skills to perform some stylish combo's.

In this DLC I really like the story of how Virgil fights within himself to gain power to over come the lost of losing Dante and Kat. The fight with the Hollow Virgil is tough at times because you are fighting against a doppelganger of Virgil.

With the completion of Virgil's Downfall we get the same skins as before with the Classic Virgil skin from Devil May Cry 3. Also we get something new with this DLC for the first time.You get to play the Bloody Palace Mode as Virgil.


Just like with Dante, you play as Virgil in the famous Bloody Palace Mode. I played this for a bit and didn't make it too far because I wasn't fully upgraded just yet. I had to give it a try to see how this felt and I will tell you this, it is fun to play as Virgil. I made my way through some of the levels before I was taken out. I want to see how far I can get as soon as I get Virgil upgraded to the max.


Devil May Cry offers in both the main game and Virgil's Downfall,Turbo Mode,Hardcore Mode and Style Mode.Each mode as listed speaks for itself. Turbo Mode is more of a fast pace of the game turned up with Hardcore Mode for more of the Hardcore Devil May Cry players taking on more enemy's with it being a little bit more harder. Style Mode is where you can create some of the most Stylish combo's on Demons. Demons only take damage when you reach a S rank in combo's performed. I enjoyed giving these modes a try and really like Style mode for creating some combo's to kill Demons.


With DMC:Devil May Cry:Definitive Edition and the new content with all of the DLC rolled up all in one, I would have to say for the price of this game ($40), you can't go wrong if you are a fan of this reboot made by Capcom and Developers,Ninja Theory. If you missed this the first go around then I recommend picking this one up if you are into third person hack and slashing games. With this game you will not get tired of creating combo's and the fast pace of the mechanics that was reinvented at it's best. I was septic with the first go around of Devil May Cry but after getting my hands on this I really got into it.

Now with this being ported over to the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One, I am happy with this port because it was made for the "Next Gen" console. If you haven't picked it up by all means pick it up today and let your inner Demon free with DMC:Devil May Cry:Definitive Edition.


If you haven't picked this game up yet you can go through my site here to amazon to get it today.Here is the links provided below.

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