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Over the weekend I had the privilege to finally watch Mad Max:Fury Road staring Tom Hardy(Max),Charlize Theron(Imperator Furiosa),Nicholas Hoult(Nux)and Hugh Keays-Byrne(Immortan Joe). I've been a fan of the original Mad Max staring Mel Gibson back in the day. I would have to say out of the Original Mad Max trilogy it would have to be Beyond ThunderDome would be my favorite one. After hearing about George Miller creating another Mad Max I was excited by the fact he did the original and knew with his touch to a new Mad Max I wouldn't be disappointed by how Hollywood has ruined quite a bit of films with remaking them.I thought that Mad Max was going to be a Reboot but, I was wrong.


In some ways this Mad Max is kind of a reboot with Tom Hardy playing Mad Max.Tom Hardy brought some elements of Mel Gibson's Mad Max into the fold with his own touch of playing an iconic character.I enjoyed Tom Hardy in (Warrior) and in (Bronson). I knew Tom was going to deliver a fresh take with how Max is still hurting from the lost of his wife and child that haunt him in his subconscious mind.Max is trying to survive in a post apocalypse wasteland while running away from the pain he endures.

You see Max through out the film with visions of his child and wife come haunting him in moments in the film are too much for Max.You see this after Max is attacked during the beginning of the film as he is trying to escape the clutches of the pale while group of people that hunt down others and take them to use their blood as living blood bags to survive. This group is lead by Hugh Keays-Byrne as Immortan Joe.

Immortan Joe is the strong hold leader in the part of the wasteland on top of the giant mountain tops. At the top of the mountain tops Joe has grown food and other resources to survive.One thing that is valuable is water.Hundreds of people wait at the bottom for Joe to release gallons of water so they can have some to drink.The people look up to Joe as a god in some ways.But,with that said Joe is only looking out for himself and the ones that follow him close.Joe has also something that is far more of value to him as he tries to rule over and survive,his wives or girlfriends.


Furiosa is tasked with bringing back another valuable resource in the wastelands,gasoline.Furiosa played by Charlize Theron sees the real threat of Joe and takes a detour route with a tanker off path with her own plans and makes a run for it far away with the girlfriends or wives of Joe.Charlize did good playing the role of Furiosa bringing the tough female lead that is more of a stand out in the film.Max gets thrown into the mix by Nux played by Nicholas Hoult (Warm Bodies),(X-Men:First Class) and is taken by him on the road with Joe and a convoy that chases Furiosa through the wastelands trying to get back the tanker.Max is hung up as a living blood bad in front of a car driven by Hux which is in a way a WTF moment of the film for me.


The race is on with Joe chasing down his tanker along the wastelands as Max is pretty much along for the ride.Max does get loose after one of the best looking special effect sand storms comes along and messes everything up for Hux as he gets close to Furiosa and the tanker.This gives Max the time to break away and catches up with Furiosa and her tanker to see what is really going on.Again,Max is just trying to get away and he really don't care about Furiosa's mission or plans to get away from Joe.

In Mad Max:Fury Road just like the title says it,most of the film or should I say quit a bit of the film is based on road action.This film has some of the best action sequences with cars slamming into one another as they battle down the road.Parts of the film does slow down a bit or two with giving little character points with the supporting cast carrying the movie.Like I said before Max is just along for the ride as he must make a decision on weather or not to help Furiosa with her mission or just tag along for the ride and break off when he gets the opportunity and go about his own business of running from a past that haunts him.

Max doesn't speak much throughout the film and he doesn't even tell Furiosa his name while he is with her while Nux joins Max as well along for the ride.Nux was an interesting character for me in the film.I think Nicholas Hoult did a good job playing a crazy at times character as he must make a decision on if he should be loyal to Joe or befriend Max on his journey.With a convoy chasing Max and company on the road it would be said that Max is a "Road Warrior," when it comes to the action as Joe catches up with the group and with some of the best action near the end of the film makes it worth it when the film is wrapping up.


If your in the mood for some fast pace road action then I suggest Mad Max:Fury Road for you.With it's action sequences and dark story telling about survival in a post apocalypse wasteland Mad Max is a film that has it's fast pace moments and slow moments and come back at you hard at the end of the film with some good old action.

With crazy characters and a supporting cast that shines with moments when you don't expect it and with a strong female lead and a dark brood main character I can watch this film over again which is rare for me to watch a movie more then a couple of times,I say buy it or go rent it if you haven't yet.

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